WINMAX TIGER X9 How To Root Tutorial


In this tutorial in you will learn, How to Root WINMAX TIGER X9 without PC or Using PC together we will learn How to unroot WINMAX TIGER X9 easy way.

How To Root WINMAX TIGER X9 Using Only Phone ?

1. Download the latest version of Android Root Tool KingRoot app from the download link.

2. Install the downloaded Root tool "King Root" in your WINMAX TIGER X9.

3. Connect WINMAX TIGER X9 to the Internet using cellular data or WIFI.

4. Open app list and find King Root.

5. Now, click on KingRoot icon to launch KingRoot.

6. Now, wait 10 seconds to 2 mins to identify Your WINMAX TIGER X9.

7. When your device (WINMAX TIGER X9) identified to King Root. You will See in the green circle in some word Like "Get ROOT" or "Try to Root".

8. Click on "Get ROOT" or "TRY TO ROOT" to start getting Root permission and wait completely root yours WINMAX TIGER X9.

9. Now read and follow root checker tutorial and know the WINMAX TIGER X9 is rooted or not.

How to Root WINMAX TIGER X9 using a PC

1. Connect your PC to the Internet.

2. Download the of Root Tool "KingoRoot" for PC form download link.

3. Download the Root Tool "KingRoot for PC' from Download Link in Your Computer.

4. Enable Developer Option and USB debugging mode on your WINMAX TIGER X9.

5. Go to desktop and double click on KingoRoot icon to open root tool.

6. Now, connect your WINMAX TIGER X9 to pc via USB cable.

7. Install driver on your PC ( If already installed skip it)

8. When your device (WINMAX TIGER X9) identified to Kingo root. You will See on screen some word Like”ROOT”.

9. Click on “ROOT” to start to Rooting your WINMAX TIGER X9 and wait for 5 to 10 minutes to Completely root your WINMAX TIGER X9.

10. Now, Download and Install Root checker app on your phone. Open Root checker app and click on check your phone is rooted or not or Follow Root Checker Tutorial.

How To Check WINMAX TIGER X9 Is Rooted or Not

1. Connect to the internet WINMAX TIGER X9.

2. Open Play store in your WINMAX TIGER X9.

3. Download Root Checker Android app from Play Store or Download apk from here.

4. When the installation is complete, open ( launch) the Root Checker app.

5. Now, Click on "check root" and wait for the result.

6. If you see the result, Rooted means your device is successfully rooted, or not Rooted means WINMAX TIGER X9 is not rooted.


Rooting after WINMAX TIGER X9, You Can Unlock many hidden features and make more compatible your WINMAX TIGER X9. You Can boot your WINMAX TIGER X9 Battery backup, performs and increase Storage. You can Remove all unused app from your WINMAX TIGER X9. You can Install other phone features in WINMAX TIGER X9.


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