CHANGHONG E100 For Android 7 Nougat Update


If you Want to Update CHANGHONG E100 on Android 7.0 (Nougat). If you have CHANGHONG E100 and Finding Latest Update. Here I will guide How to install Android 7.0 (Nougat) in CHANGHONG E100. Our guide is simple and easy to follow, read and understand. Follow tutorial and All Steps carefully to Update CHANGHONG E100 using the guide.

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    How to install Android 7.0 Update In CHANGHONG E100.

    The CHANGHONG E100 is an Android device and running on android Marshmallow But now Google is Launched New Android Android 7.0 (Nougat). If you want to know How Can we update your CHANGHONG E100 on Android 7.0 (Nougat). This tutorial way you can know how many ways to update your CHANGHONG E100. We can update Your CHANGHONG E100 three way, Follow and read the tutorial and enjoy.

    Why Install Android 7.0 in CHANGHONG E100?

    Android is most popular operating system and Android 7.0 (Nougat) is new upgrade of Android. It's come with many new and amazing feature. Like, Extra Battery saving, split-screen mode, System UI Tuner, New Settings menu, Do Not Disturb mode, etc Know More CHANGHONG E100 is Running on Android and you want to add all new feature Of Andriod 7.0 Follow Our Tutorial.

    Update CHANGHONG E100 to System Update (Offical way)

    If you want to update your Phone Official way, then follow the tutorial.

    1. Connect title to Internet Using Wi-Fi or Celluar Data.

    2. Open your Application List.

    3. Click On Setting (Gear icon) to open Your Phone Setting.

    4. Scroll Down And click on About Phone.

    5. Click On update.

    6. Click on Chake update.

    7. Download the available System update and wait for Compleat Download.

    8. When Your Downloading is Compleated Reboot your Phone and Enjoy.

    Wait for 5 to 30 mint for Complete updating.

    When the update completed your phone again restart and wait for upgrading all new apps.

    Update CHANGHONG E100 using Recovery Mode.

    The beta update will be released before release the official final update. This tutorial way you can install the beta or official update or Final update on your smart phone. download beta update to here.

    You can use this method if your system update is available, but if you get it downloaded or installed for some reason

    1. Power off your Smart phone. If possible Insert the battery and reinstall on your smart phone.

    2. Press Volume up (V+), Volume Down (V-) and power Bottom At once time hold on 5 to 15 second to Reboot in recovery mode.

    3. Now your phone in recovery mode. Scroll down and up using V+ and V- Botone. Choose Update zip Option by press power Booton to Select. Select your file from External or internal storage.

    4. Wait for updating completed. And enjoy.

    Update CHANGHONG E100 using Custom ROM.

    If you find the Android update for your smart phone, but official Update is not available. You can use Custom ROM to update your CHANGHONG E100. The custom ROM comes with many extra features and other Phone Special feature like App, Theam, UI etc. It's Increase your phone Speed, performers, Battery BackUP, unuseful App removed etc.

    1. Vist Our Custom ROM section

    2. Choose your Brand Select your Model or Type your model name in search box.

    3. Choose custom ROM

    4. Read the tutorial and Follow to Install Custom ROM on your CHANGHONG E100

    You can also find in Search engine type CHANGHONG E100 OS name Custom ROM.

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